Robo Scripts

Robo Scripts
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Looking at make some money with cams? Then these guys have the plugins for you. Have a look at their cams one and see how it will have you making $$'s in no time at all.

Sites like X Rated University and XXX Rated Chicks were made using their plugin. You can see other options here.

Chaturbate Doesn't Index Whitelabels

Have you made a Chaturbate webcam whitelabel site? Have you noticed it doesn't index in Google or any serps? You might just see that you can find your site in Google but it will just show "No information is available for this page." in the meta description on Google and other search pages. This is a common issue and with these sites. They look amazing but without that google traffic you will find it hard making much money unless you have access to a lot of feeder traffic that is high quality. Often this traffic would cost you a fortune. An easy fix is to rank your site in Google and get free high converting tier 1 traffic. With Robo Scripts sites you will be able to use the API from Chaturbate and other popular live cam sites and have your site then be indexable.

Will I Need Hosting?

Yes, unlike when you just use your domain for a whitelabel where you don't need to buy hosting for this method you will need hosting. You can get that for just a few bucks a month with the adult hosting provider we use and recommend. Don't worry you will make it back tenfold when your site is ranking in google and bringing in that high converting search traffic :)

Let us know if you make a site and how you go with converting your traffic into $$'s.

Attention: Roboscripts Has Closed Down

All their websites and everything have closed. The website that you need to validate your product license has also gone so if you ever need to re-install Roboscripts you won't be able to. Nick the owner has basically disappeared and some assume he is now deceased :( RIP. We still pray that he will come back to the adult community and this is all just a bad dream. Some of us using Roboscripts have made over $200k a year with it so it would be a shame to see it gone.

What Other Live Sex Cam Aggregators Are Available?

We have prepared an article that lists out all the various options available to you currently on the market. Read: How To Make An Adult Live Cams Site

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