How to Make a Chaturbate Whitelabel Website

Step by Step Guide

$1,700 USD in 2 weeks. Payment proof at the end. But before you decide to make a whitelabel webcam site we strongly recommend you read this post as to why you should use RoboScripts instead.

First step is to choose a domain.  You need to make this something attractive that someone will want to visit. 
Something like

It is best to choose a .COM domain over other types as it will be more trusted and get a much higher CTR (click through ratio).  Here is an example of the final product we will create today.  

How to Make a Chaturbate Whitelabel Website

To purchase your domain go to MojoHost and type in your desired domain name. Other domain providers include DreamHost, TMDHosting & HostGator but we recommend not using them as they are not adult friendly. 

I will focus on using Ionos for this guide, however we recommend you use MojoHost are Ionos are not adult friendly.
Ionos .com domains are $0.99 for the first year. You can also pay with paypal if you choose.  You are to purchase a DOMAIN ONLY for this method (no hosting required).  When purchasing the domain you can also choose to hide your details so nobody will know you are behind the domain and website. This is a check box you will see. This is great as most people don’t want to be know as a porn king or sharing smut online. Even though 90% of people watch it online it is still very taboo.  

Once you have purchased the domain name a confirmation will be emailed to you. 

Now you need to setup your Chaturbate Affiliate Account.  Click the join button and enter your real information as you will be paid for people who buy tokens on your white label. There are a few different payment methods depending on where you live. Including check in the mail, paxum, direct deposit and even some forms of crypto currency.

Once you have joined Chaturbate you need to go to the white labels tab and set yours up. 

chaturbate affiliate dashboard

Type in a chaturbate alias. This can be anything.  Type in a site name –  This is the name of your domain e.g. naughtychuch   

Type in the domain name – This is the domain you purchased e.g. Click the featured gender you feel the people clicking on your domain will like best — couples, men, women, transsexuals, all.    Then scroll to the bottom and click save.

Now to link your chaturbate to your domain.

Once you have received your domain email you need to log into your Ionos account. Click the manage domains tab as per the below image.

managing your domain account

 Then you need to click on the EDIT DNS SETTINGS tab as per the below image.

domain settings

White Label DNS Settings & CNAME including Free SSL Setup for Chaturbate

DNS Setup

To setup your whitelabel domain you must set a CNAME record for every subdomain pointing to exactly the dot at the end is required, however some dns providers will automatically add it and you will need to omit.
Do not replace “whitelabel” with your whitelabel name.


Important: You must remove the previous A record for whitelabels if set

Redirecting the domain apex

As CNAME records cannot be added to the domain apex, we provide a redirect solution. This should only be used if you’ve added the www subdomain.
To redirect to, please create an A record on @ or (depending on your dns provider) to    IN    A

Domain apex redirect is setup, will redirect

Default subdomain

The default subdomain is the one used in emails to users that link back to your whitelabel.

All this may be overwhelming so it is best just to copy these settings. If you require help with any of this contact Emma on twitter @iloveskypesex  She will be more than happy to help you set up a whitelabel and start earning money asap.

domain dns settings

Now your white label site will be up and running.  Type your new domain into the address bar on your browser and make sure it is working. 
Congratulations you are now 
ready to make some $$’s. 

chaturbate affiliate earnings image

Payment methods for Chaturbate are:

Paxum, Check by mail, Crypto Currency or Direct Deposit (USA).
The minimum payment amount is $50 but it is very easy to reach this.
You can also email them if you would like to increase this as for example some international countries might charge an amount to cash a check so it is best to have a higher amount each check so the percentage of fees paid is much smaller. Earnings are paid out every two weeks. You can change this to daily payouts if you get that large that you require the cashflow each day.  

How To Advertise Your White Labeled Adult Site

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Get your site ranked in Google and other search engines. SEO is the most important marketing strategy, as there’s tons of people searching for different adult content every day. Doing proper SEO on your site and getting it ranked for the right keywords will create a steady stream of organic traffic as long as you’re able to preserve your rankings.

Buying Traffic / Ad Space – Traffic buying is a fine art. The traffic needs of your site will vary drastically from other websites. Finding the perfect blend of the right traffic for the right price can be insanely profitable. Learn what networks are out there that can be used for buying and selling traffic.

Social Media Marketing – Social media is great for driving free traffic. There are tons of adult-friendly social networks out there, such as Twitter and Tumblr. By creating accounts and building up a following, you have people you can directly market to. There’s also great potential for organic discovery through social search.

Whitelabeling Vs Building Your Own Adult Site

There are pros and cons to going the different ways. There’s also nobody saying that you can’t take a hybrid approach to this. There are plenty of webmasters running whitelabels and sites they’re hosting themselves. In fact, a lot of time this strategy can compliment each other. For example, if you have a review of niche camming sites on one of your self-hosted sites, that can drive traffic to your niche camming sites. Here’s some thoughts on the whole whitelabel vs building your own:

Whitelabels Are Insanely Cheap; No Hosting – With whitelabels, you pay zero hosting. The only overhead is registering the domain name, and purchasing traffic / advertising, if you’re not doing everything in-house. That means you can get a site up and running for under $10.

Whitelabels Require No Coding / Technical Work – With whitelabels, there is no coding required. The only real technical aspect is configuring the DNS settings, which is insanely easy.  All whitelabel providers provide webmasters with an easy-to-use interface for customizing their whitelabeled version. This includes a visual preview of what the site looks like, as you configure it.

Whitelabels Are Turnkey / Easily Deployable – Building a website, especially a large one, can be a lot of work. There’s a lot of thought into design, content, ect. First you need to install all the scripts onto your site. Then you need to type out all your content, upload all the visual assets, and manage everything. With whitelabels, you simply configure your version and make the domain point towards it.

Whitelabels Are Low Maintenance / Self-Updating – With whitelabeling, the network you’re partnered with does all the heavy lifting. They’re steadily updating and improving their software. When a new scene is added or removed, they do it on your behalf. All you have to do is promote your site and collect a revshare.

Self-Hosted Sites Have More Legal Liability – 2257 compliance and other legal issues are handled by teh whitelabel provider. If you’re building your own site, there’s a little bit more liability. Make sure to only use content provided by the advertisers, as they’re able to provide documentation for all the scenes.

Self-Hosted Sites Are Easier To SEO – Even the most customizable whitelabels still face duplicate content issues. This makes it harder to do SEO. With self-hosted sites, you’ve got control over the code and the content. That makes SEO much more effective. As a work-around, use your self-hosted sites to drive traffic to your whitelabeled sites.

Self-Hosted Sites Are More Customizable – With self-hosted sites, you’ve got control over the code. That means you’ve got control over everything. The only restraints are the terms of your web host, the laws, the terms of the advertisers and what is actually possible. It doesn’t matter how customizable a whitelabel is, it’ll never compete with something where you control the source code.

Build Your Own Porn Site!

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