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Onlyfans Affiliate Program

Onlyfans Affiliate Program
Long Business Description

This has to be one of our favorite affiliate programs currently on the market. The program is free to join (like all normal programs) and it pays 5% of all earnings your referrals make. This adds up fucking quickly when you have a couple of girls signing up under you that make a few thousand dollars per month each. This in itself replaces most normal 9-5 job wages.

Make Sure You Use Your Referral Link Code

We still see a fuck ton of girls sharing the fuck out of their OnlyFans links on sites like Instagram and Twitter without adding their referral code. Obviously they are fucking stupid and have no idea how easy it is to do and earn. We feel like messaging them and saying 'look bitch just add this at the end of your OnlyFans URL link   ?ref=2778249

It ain't fucking hard to do. An even better way to promote your OnlyFans ref link is to buy a domain name of your choice and redirect it to your OnlyFans ref link. Then just post your domain name everywhere and when people click on it they then join through you and you get 5% of all earnings through it. All you need to do is to go here and pick a great domain name. It will be about $10 a year and will make you 1,000x that easily.

Is OnlyFans Like Twitter?

The site runs almost the same as Twitter but that main difference is a user can choose an amount they wish to charge each month for a person to view their content. The site is perfect for any sort of Instagram model (aka attention whore), and is also great if ya wish to share a titty or snatch pic, a cock pick, or even a fuck video.

The only thing that would make this better would be commission for all money spent by referrals. Hopefully that will be added one day, but for now we are more than happy with 5% of earnings.

What Deposit Details Are Shown On My Bank Statement?

When you receive money from OnlyFans depending on where you are in the world you might see the details shown as Alpha Forex Ltd.

What Is A Better Way To Make Money?

We recommend joining LoyalFans and using their referral program instead. It's far superior than OnlyFans one and it will mean that you get way more money for using it. Things like 5% lifetime commission for all spend, not just models is just one of the things that makes it so much better.

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7 thoughts on “Onlyfans Affiliate Program”

  1. Wait so if they already have an onlyfans but they add those last few numbers of my refferal link I will get the 5%? I thought that only worked for new onlyfans users when they sign up using your link?

    1. If someone signs up under a code that has your referral link in it then you get 5% of all their earnings for life.

  2. Ok, so, I used two different referral codes to sign up to OnlyFans but, I’m confused now? Will the person who’s code I used see that I used their code? Will I need to contact the person who’s code I used? Will the person who’s code I used contact me? Nothing really happens after I have used my referral code.

  3. Hi nichepornsites,

    Maybe you can help me with this issue. I have been working with OnlyFans for a couple of months, I have quite a high quantity of referees but I have problems ‘loading’ them. I mean, it takes a lot of time to scroll until the end, it’s becoming impossible.

    Do you know how to load them all in order to see which one has generated income? The server response is getting worst and taking more loading time..

    Thanks in advance.

    PD: It’s not anymore ‘lifetime’ as they lied…

    1. Unfortunately there is no sort button. Hopefully the OnlyFans team will add this feature soon if we all request it of them.

      It is a shame they removed this lifetime earnings on payouts. Kind of takes a bit of shine off promoting them as an affiliate. But as a content creator they are still one of the best platforms.

      1. It’s getting a big issue being unable to get the profiles who are generating income. It would be good to contact and ask them if they can fix it, I will try reaching them.

        Yes, at least they should respect the ones that were refereed until that date, but it was ‘easy money’ for them, from May / 2021 they get 5% more…

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