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MyFreeCams is the original free webcam community for adults, featuring live video chat with thousands of models, cam girls, amateurs and female content creators!

Reviews on MFC include:

Jimmy - Still one of the best - I have been a premium member on MFC since 2011. No webcam site is perfect but it has lot going for it. First of all, 200 tokens gets you all the premium features including PM any model and cam2cam. There is no ongoing monthly charge and you don't get spammed with advertising. It also continues to be one of the most popular cam sites with between 1000 and 2000 models online at all times, sometimes more.

You may have a bad experience with a model that can happen on any site. However, I have had very few occasions where that has happened. Tokens are good value and you can always find a girl that fits your budget. Maybe people are expecting everything for free but there are plenty of girls willing to give a good show for a low price. It's more of a tipping site than one for private shows but you can have an enjoyable experience with a little effort.

I would recommend looking for some of the less popular models and show them some appreciation. Like I said, still a top cam site after these years. The problem is many members are on there expecting free shows and that's perhaps where the few poor reviews come from. For me though, still one of the best.

Simon - Be respectful and friendly - Seems some people have given MFC low ratings cause they are expecting things from the site that it isn’t designed or meant to do. It’s actually quite an amazing place if you keep some simple things in mind:

1. Just like at any other job, the models you are talking to are doing this for a living. This is how they put food on the table. If you want a great experience, you need to compensate the models for their time.

2. At the very least, be friendly. You’re talking to another person on the other side and they love to talk and have a good time like anyone else. If you’re in a model’s room, interact.

3. Be respectful. Every model will have her likes and her dislikes and her boundaries. Know what they are. If they’re not posted, ask her. This is a human interaction.

4. Don’t demand. Models don’t work for you. They don’t work for MFC either. They have a job and they want to share while using MFC as a platform. You have no right to demand anything, even if you tip. These models don’t work for you.

5. This isn’t a dating site. MFC is a platform for models, not a platform to find a partner. Most models on MFC aren’t looking for a partner. Even if they were, they wouldn’t do it on MFC.

Overall, just have fun. Just like in any other interaction, be friendly, be respectful and be appreciative and you will get that back 100 fold.

Meredith - I'm a model on MFC - I'm a model on MFC. I have been for over 2 years. Most of the one star ratings sound like they are from members who are just cheap and rude. Yes, it's free to view for basics and guests, but models have complete autonomy over their room. If you are rude or start demanding them to do things without tipping their set price for them, then heck yes, they can kick and ban you out of their room.

There are MANY wonderful members who come in, converse, and tip toward goals and they are respectful. The community is amazing, especially if you find the right model.

Don't go on there looking for a date or a girlfriend. This is not a dating site. And ALWAYS vet your models!! I swear to god if I hear another member saying they got scammed by one model so all of them are trash, I'm gonna scream. I hate when members get scammed. It really sucks, but just like any other business, look at the models reviews, cross reference on twitter, make sure they aren't scammers. It is extremely easy to do. But I do agree that the models that scam and don't deliver on content should be punished and tokens should be refunded.

Take time to get to know the model. We are real people. We work AT MFC, not FOR MFC. The ONLY money we make is from tips and a little 'reward' from the site (usually $100) for the month we are in the top 1000.

But fair warning, if you go to a chat room, then you had better chat. Otherwise, you can go look at some verified model accounts on pornhub. I go out of my way to try to welcome members to join the conversation and I really appreciate the members that respond and converse. It really keeps the room light and fun.

Mr Hoch - I have been a member from the start - I have been an MFC member since a year after it's inception.
No site is perfect but what set this one apart from the others was the higher rate they offered models. That attracted a lot of models away from LiveJasmin, ImLive etc and with them followed members. The site grew fast and had a lot of growing pains.
I remember when customer support was just 3 people, the owner, his wife, and Aaron and they were able to handle things very well because they were more personally involved. When it got too much to handle they outsourced lower level support and those people do not have the latitude to make what you feel may be a major decision. If you don't get an answer you like you can request a supervisor or to have it escalated (something like fraudulent charges)
I read one post and the person said pvts are 1 token a min and 10tkns a min for a group. Now does that really make sense that you have to pay more to watch with a bunch of strangers that just yourself? of course not
All rates are cast in stone and set by the owner. 1min of pvt is 60tkns ($6) 1 min of true pvt is 80tkns ($8)
A group show is 10tkns a min and a model needs at least 3 members to start one. If after starting 2 drop out it's entirely up to her if she wants to continue, she is under no obligation.

These girls that are top models are all real, they don't have some underhanded deal with MFC. Models get that high usually because they bring something new to the table. You may see highly ranked models with no cam score, that's because they are on so many hours, 12 or 14 a day 7 days a week that the time/money ratio is so diluted they don't register above 10,000.
And all that stuff about liking and admiring is baloney. Camscore is directly related to how long the model is on against how many tokens she took in, that's it.

In the beginning, it was T&A but as time went on MFC changed, it took on a new social aspect. People weren't coming for the T&A they were coming for the company, for the conversation.
If anyone remembers Olivia you'll know what I mean. Whenever a girl starts out & goes the non-nude route everyone is just waiting to see how long of her not making any money before she goes nude.
She never spoke either, she'd make gestures & write on card stock. A lot of people thought she was deaf. But she brought something no one else had, entertainment value for your dollar. There were times she was more popular they full nude everything goes girls. What were all those guys going in her room? socializing
You still have full nude anything goes girls but you also have a lot of unorthodox models that do very well on their own with none or limited nudity.

The only problem I have it's it's essentially the site that wrecked camming.
Using LiveJasmin as an example:
models had to be in lingerie or bikini in free chat
you (the customer) could stay in free as long as you wanted (i think for a time they changed that)
and I believe there were 2 tiers as well.
1 being a pvt but others could spy and not interact
2 a pure one on one pvt

When MFC came along aside from the higher pay rate for models they brought Ebola to the cam world.
Anyone can visit the site, remain a guest and if they look hard enough they will find a free show.
They can become a basic, giving them bolder blue text, supposedly a visual cue for a possible member and they can still find free shows
You can become a member. $20 spent once allows you access to the lounge and of course, put you in that upper part of a models chat list exuding the air that you might tip.

So you see the $20 membership really doesn't give you much and there is no incentive whatsoever for someone to upgrade from a guest. This caused all the other sites to have to adopt the same strategy. The snowball rolls downhill and now everyone says "pay for your porn" when you have provided them with the mechanism to NEVER have to pay for it.

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