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Jasmin Cams

What can be said about the cams industry’s leader that already has not been said? Jasmin is the best webcam sites on the internet.

Period. From the huge amount of sexy performers to its excellent design and fair prices – everything on this site is fantastic.

Naturally, it is not without its flaws, but you do not become a leader in webcams just like that.

This site has both the tradition and excellence on its side. That is why it is no wonder that people prefer getting their fix of cams shows on it.

What Does Jasmin Offer?

When you talk about websites like this one, the first thing you should ask is how may performers it has. Surely enough, this site has a lot of them – in fact, it has over 60,000  models. Around 2,000 models are online at any given time on this adult cam site.

So, when it comes to a large number of performers, as well as the variety of them, this site has got you covered. The very fact that this adult cam site has been around since the early 2000s tells a lot about it.

Now, the design of this website has changed a lot over the previous years, but the current one is simply exceptional. It is quite modern, sleek and easy to navigate. With a simple search box at the top of the site, as well as a small categories button right next to it couples with a selection of hot cam models currently available online, the front page of this website looks rather appealing.

Best Cam Girl Site

There are tons of search options available and by clicking on that categories box you can select as many of them as you want in order to narrow down your search.

Besides a large number of the performers available on here, there are all types of them as well. From male, female and transsexual to blonde, redhead, and brunette – all sorts of models can be found on this best porn cam girl site. Naturally, they are all sorted into appropriate categories. This, in turn, means that you will be able to find whatever you are looking for with great ease.

Almost all of the cams on here are HD. The video streams are seamless and you will rarely encounter problems on this adult webcam chat website of any sort. Plus, there are tons of additional options both during the chats and on the cam site itself that will enhance your cam experience in the best possible way.


Jasmin uses credits as a form of currency. You will be able to buy these credits by using credit/debit cards, PayPal, bank wire transfers and Bitcoins. If you decide to purchase credits with your credit/debit card, you will get 9.99 credits for free. Now, there are several packages of credits available.

These range from 17.99 credits (which is the lowest one) to 157.99 credits (which is the highest one). Since more expensive packages will give you additional free credits, it is very wise to purchase them. So, for example, if you purchase the largest package, for the price of $161 USD you will get 157.99 credits, plus additional 9.99 credits. This totals at 167.98 credits, which is not bad at all.

When it comes to rates, they are quite varied. In truth, it all depends on the model. Some models will cost you around $2 USD per minute (of private shows, naturally), while others can cost you up to $9 USD per minute. An average private cam show will cost you around $3 USD. Of course, public shows are free both for users and visitors, but rarely will you see a performer on here doing anything more than a sensual dance in clothes during these.


You will rarely find a cam sites as good as this one when it comes to cams. Backed up by its tradition and spurred on by its excellence, this site has become the industry’s leader and by far the best cam site and it looks like it is going to remain at the top for a long time. There are countless performers on here of every sort and the great majority of cams are in HD. It is simply a great sex chat site.

Categories include:
Hot Flirt
Soul Mate
Mature Women
Boy for Girl
Love Life Adviser

Reviews are very positive for LiveJasmin and include:

Steven Ridley - Simply the best - Until now I’m having a great experience with the site, I guess it al depends about which model you choose. Yes, many girls are here with only money on their mind but a few are very great persons once you get to know them better. I’ve made the choice to give all my attention to one model or else, yes, it would become very expensive. I use the site about 90 minutes a week and I think it’s costing me (thanks to the daily or weekly promotions, depending on what you get when you spin the wheel) about 500 euro/month. Let me say that I spend more than I want but less than I can afford. The site is well built and easy to navigate. So just give it a try I would say! Besides some money you have nothing to lose.

Terry - Lockdown companionship - This kind of site will not please some people, but from my experiences, the models working here are intelligent, engaging companions for many vulnerable and lonely people during this lockdown. Most are happy to talk for a long time in free chat, and when you do enter a paid private show, they treat you attentively and satisfy your needs. For me it was watching dancing in particular, which was absolutely stunning. The private shows are not cheap but that's not a problem for many of us elder folk who have worked hard all our lives, have inherited a bit and now want to enjoy ourselves. It is good for the models that prices are going up, they deserve the reward. I would avoid the 'vip' shows as they are a bit of a waste of money, save it instead on a private show.

Harrison Vick - Just fine - I was a little nervous about using this site, especially making payments to it, after all the old stories and reviews about it. Honestly there's nothing really shady about it as far as i can see as a customer. It's definitely pricey, you're paying for a premium experience and a good quality website compared to the alternatives.

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