Why You Should Add Sex Toys To The Bedroom

Why You Should Add Sex Toys To The Bedroom

For many people, there are few things more enjoyable in this world than getting off. It’s an experience that almost everyone can relate to, regardless of whether they want to admit it or not.

There’s no one way to get off, though. From penetration to foreplay to going solo with your hand, it’s surprising just how many avenues you can explore when searching for an orgasm. Something that can be particularly helpful with these is sex toys.

With a wide variety of toys available that can each pleasure you in different ways, these are definitely something worth considering when looking to get off. If you’ve never bought one before, now’s the time to change that, because we’ve found all sorts of reasons for why they’re a worthwhile addition to the bedroom.

They Make An Excellent Substitute

It’s not talked about enough just how much pressure sex can be. Both parties have to be aroused for things to go smoothly, but performance anxiety and insecurities can easily stand in the way of that.

Fortunately, when you have sex toys at your disposal, this no longer becomes such a problem. After all, they’re designed to replicate different parts of the body, so there’s no reason they can’t act as a stand-in when one party isn’t feeling it.

For instance, if a guy is having difficulty maintaining an erection, a dildo can come to the rescue and do the job for him. Some may find this to be humiliating, as they might see themselves as inferior to a toy. It could cause a little awkwardness, which is why it’s worth being careful about how you introduce the toys. Provided you’re open with your partner and create a meaningful connection with them in the bedroom, though, there shouldn’t be much issue.

Anyone in this position should just try to view the toy as an extension of their own body and find ways to use it that will please both parties. Who knows, maybe that will help resolve the issues downstairs and allow whoever’s struggling to start performing again.

They Stop You Feeling Lonely

Some people enjoy being single, but for others, it’s a nightmare. Unfortunately, it’s not super easy to find a partner in the current situation, especially one you can hook up with in person.

It’s a good thing then that toys are so great at mimicking the experience of penetration with a partner. They might not be able to provide some of the conversation and intimacy that comes from being with another person. However, they can at least simulate the experience of entering, or being entered by, a partner, which is sometimes all you need when you’re single and lonely. Plus, depending on how much you’re willing to spend, you can get some incredibly high-quality toys that are virtually like the real thing.

They Make Camming More Enjoyable

Whether you love to watch cam shows or star in them, sex toys are always helpful to keep around. For performers, they make for an excellent companion in lieu of another guy or girl to play with. As for those watching at home, they make the cam sex experience that little bit more realistic. After all, a fleshlight or dildo can do more to simulate the person onscreen than your hand can.

If anyone’s never engaged in live cam sex before, it’s definitely worth trying out if you’re single. The pandemic may have interfered with many people’s love lives, but cam shows can easily fill the void, especially if you add toys into the mix.

You’ll want to use a site like Babestation as they’re known for their live cams and don’t disappoint when it comes to free cam sex. There are so many beautiful women here to watch, engage with, and orgasm over that you’ll wonder why you’ve never done this before. Watching them while using something like a Fleshlight will honestly blow your mind.

They Make Sex More Adventurous

Who doesn’t love being a little kinky? Plenty of people have an adventurous side, and it can be hard to bring that out when you don’t have extra tools at your disposal.

That’s where sex toys come in. Bringing these into the bedroom can allow you and your partner to add some excitement to sex in ways that weren’t possible before.

Maybe you and your partner are interested in trying double penetration, but you’re not comfortable adding a third party to the bedroom. That’s where a dildo can come in handy. Or, perhaps one of you is interested in exploring anal, but a few fingers during sex doesn’t cut it. Wearing a butt plug during your day-to-day activities can help with that.

There are so many different ways that toys can spice up your sex life, and exploring these can really bring you and your partner together.

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They Help You Understand Yourself Better

The saying that you never know until you try is very applicable when it comes to sex. It’s hard to know for sure that something does or doesn’t appeal to you until you experiment with it.

Obviously, that doesn’t mean you have to sexually experience everything at least once because there are some incredibly niche interests out there. However, it’s definitely worth taking small steps and exploring your sexual boundaries, either alone or with a partner. The more you experiment, the greater an understanding you’ll have about yourself and what does and doesn’t turn you on.

Understandably, toys can play a huge role in exploring these different interests. Whether you’re trying out nipple play, anal, watersports, bondage, or something else in that vein, there’s all manner of toys and gear available to help with the experience. Some of these items can be quite expensive, so you may want to think carefully before trying certain stuff out. If your exploration proves successful, though, then that’s money well spent. 

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, sex toys are always a worthwhile investment. From expanding your horizons and enhancing your sexual pleasure to making you feel a little less lonely, every person deserves to have them in their life. The question is, which toys are the right fit for you?