Thothub TV

So you have come here looking to find where the new site is now located?

Thothub was a tube site and like many tube sites it hosted stolen content from models on platforms like OnlyFans. The issue with Thothub Tv was that it’s core foundation was that the was a place where people could steal content behind paywalls and post it on their site. This is a very criminal based approached and a stressful one for anyone operating such a website. Unfortunately for Thothub they didn’t remove the content when requested and ended up being sued for copyright breaches.

All they had to do was create a content partner program like they do on sites like pornhub, create an account for the correct owner and assign the videos to the correct owner. Similar to what pornhub did for Renee Gracie the viral OnlyFans model. This means they would have been able to keep their traffic and views, they would have had to pay out a little bit of money to the content owner but instead they went the criminal pathway. Now website has been shutdown.

As part of the lawsuit they are trying to go after sites like Chaturbate for profiting from the site. Chaturbate defense is always, and rightly so is that their affiliate post the ads not Chaturbate themselves. The affiliate can buy traffic from almost anywhere and it very hard to track where this traffic has come from prior to landing on Chaturbate live cams.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes another Thot TV site fills the gap left. This time it’s now ThotBook.TV. The site seems to run very similar. Any guess’s how long till it is banned too?