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Shop Lyfter

Shop Lyfter
Long Business Description

Finally, we’ve found a reality site that actually looks and feels like a genuine reality TV show – except this one has lots of sex going on. is also being offered at a discount, with the monthly price down to $17.87 and the annual deal at $5.00 per month. This is a new site, so don’t expect those hot prices to stay low for long. It’s original, contains exclusive videos with very hot models, is updating every week, and your movies are there for streaming and downloading in HD.

Site Content

If you’ve ever worked in retail, you will know how annoying shoplifters are. They cost the country millions each year in lost revenue, apart from anything else, and the idea of stealing gets our blood boiling. The things we’d like to do to the thieves! Well, that’s exactly what the security staff at the stores featured on this site play out for us. The naughty nickers get their comeuppance at the hands, and other parts, of the guys in the back office when they are caught on camera. They are hauled in, given a thorough telling off and then a choice: either I call the cops, or you do as your told. The girls invariably agree to do as they are told, and the fun really starts.

What’s striking about the Shoplyfter style of reality is that it is very real. (I know that sounds weak, but you really do have to see them to believe them.) There are opening credits in the manner of a TV show, the voice over, the music and visuals, they are all there. Then there is the build-up, with the security guys watching out for the shoplifters, and then the interviews which finally lead to some wonderfully depraved action in the back office. Each of the 27 movies has this kind of set up and knock down, and it’s that that makes the films so unique. They also have the advantage of starring some very hot models, often quite young, 18 to 23 or so, and each of them plays out their part perfectly. So perfectly at times that you forget you are watching ‘made up reality’ and feel like you are watching the real thing. (Maybe you are!)

The site is new, as I said, and so it’s not very big as yet, but it is all 100% exclusive and original. You will find the content from the homepage and you get a decent amount of info about each one. Click through, and you find the viewing page where there are streams to run and a variety of file types to download in. There are HD Mp4 versions at 1,920 x 1,080 and also smaller ones that will suit your phones just fine. These were at 640 x 360, and the quality was good. Although some of the filming might be hidden camera style, the cameras in use are hi-tech and so the end results give you no quality concerns. The sound is also good, and the acting is natural.

Images are also a great quality, and you can save them one at a time, view them online or take the whole set in a zip file. Images are up at 1,280 x 960 in size, and you get around 75 pics per set.

The main draw at Shoplyfter is, of course, the scenes. You might say it’s its only draw as there are no extras or bonuses. It’s a case of videos and images only, although there is a link to a live cam site in your main menu, this though will cost you extra. The good news is that the site is growing with a solid update schedule of one new scene per week and that leads me to think that, before long, they will increase their prices along with the number of movies on offer. That’s why I suggest grabbing the discount pass while you can. Pay in advance for the whole year, and it will only cost you the same as $5.00 per month.

Key Features / Navigation

This is a simple site to use. It looks fine but there is a not actually a lot in the members’ area, as yet. You see updates and their images a bit like you see on the free tour, and then you find the viewing page with some info and stats and details. Streams run smoothly, you can choose the best download file for your set-up, and I found the downloads were also fast and easy to handle. So, no technical issues there, but the site doesn’t actually offer you much else.

You can save your favorite scenes to a certain area if you want and there are places to leave your comments and rate each scene, but that’s about it. Some extras would be nice, though, at this price, you can’t expect too much. The site may be ‘cheap’ in that it’s not charging much, but it’s worth what it is asking. Watch out for a cross sale on the join page as you click through, but otherwise, signing up is very easy.

Overall Conclusion

Shoplyfter is still a bit small, but it is growing. The quality is perfect, the 50 minute long movies are very believable and very ‘reality’ in style. The images are big and clear, and the models are all exactly the kind of girls we’d like to punish just like these guys do (and it gets very hardcore). The price is good and the discount is well worth taking before the site grows and the price goes up. If you are a reality connoisseur, then you’re going to want to steal to get a membership.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive movies
+ Good discount prices
+ Wonderful reality style
+ HD
+ Mobile files too
+ Interactive functions

– No extras
– Cross sale on sign-up

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