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PornHub is also known as the black and orange website that is very popular like YouTube and has videos.

Pornhub is a pornographic website that features user-submitted videos. The website has been called the "YouTube of porn" due to its wide variety of content. Pornhub was founded in 2007 by a group of friends who were "interested in making porn more fun and social".

The website is based in Los Angeles and is part of the MindGeek network. Pornhub has been praised for its variety of content, which includes amateur porn, MILF porn, and teen porn. The website has also been criticized for its low-quality videos and for its use of pop-ups

PornHub Used To Be The Best Porn Site

The number 1 free porn site online as of today... well it was till the Visa/Mastercard drama where PornHub decided to delete 80% of their videos :0

That's right, in a crazy move to try and get the two most important payment processors in the world to start processing payments for them they made the hasty decision. At this stage Visa and MasterCard have called PornHub's bluff and not reinstated their payments account.

To remove 80% of their content this was done by removing all uploads from non-verified accounts. The bad thing about them doing this is they removed a lot of great videos and in turn have had many regular users of the site change to other free porn tubes that are available with a whole lot more videos.

The above move also tied in with PornHub removing their traffic purchasing program HubTraffic. This is just one more crazy event in the history of PornHub.

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