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We are delving into the world of taboo porn at Perv Mom. In these exclusive movies, Milfs get to grips with their stepsons’ manhoods, or sometimes stepdaughter lady-hoods. The older porn moms are hot, the guys are youthful and hard and in for some great surprises, and we get to stream and download the content in HD. It’s a standalone site with a lot of advertising, but it’s also updating frequently and looks good. The price is very fair too, with a discounted membership currently on offer.

Site Content

I’m not sure what I would do if my stepmom came at me with that lustful look in her eyes. Probably scream and run away, but then she doesn’t look anything like the hot babes who play the stepmoms in these exclusive movies. Perv Mom is a real perv, preferring her youthful stepsons to her ageing husband. And she doesn’t stop there, there are lesbian scenes here too, and the pervy moms get to bang their son’s friends as well. This means we have a lot of variety in the content and a list of models helps you choose which mom you want to hang out with first.

The scenes, and there are 60 + of them now, are easy to find as the site only holds scenes and a few other areas like the model index. They are shown with good sample shots that lead to your download and stream options and the 60 + galleries. The movies are made just for the site, and they have been uploading a few times per week recently, so my 60 + is probably more like 70 + now. The quality is good, the models are sexy on the eye, and there are some familiar faces (and other parts) on the site already.

You are able to stream movies up to 960 x 540, a standard rate, though they may introduce 720p or HD later. The image stays sharp at full screen though, and that’s what matters. Movies run for around 18 to 20 minutes and can be downloaded. You have various options for this in Mp4, with mobile suitable files included, and the top resolution is at 1,920 x 1,080 @ 12,000 kbps, so that looks pretty cool too. The files are not too big for easy downloading, around 700 Mbs on average for the top res file, and I had no hassles finding or taking the content.

There are galleries with the scenes as well so you can save your favorite moments. Either take a zip file of the full set or view the pics one at a time online taking what you want. Again, the quality is fine, and images come out at 1,620 x 1,080 px in size. You find them easily from the viewing pages.

If that sounds like a short summary of the content at Perv Mom, it’s because it is. There are no bonuses here and on extra content, simply the 60 + videos that you’re not going to find anywhere else. For me, I thought it was a great site to call into to pick up some more of this sleazy, taboo, step-family hardcore that’s doing the rounds on many sites these days. It’s fun as the scenes play out scenarios that are well acted so in a way, it’s reality porn as well as taboo. Whatever it is, I’m looking forward to more content, and with the regular updates still on track, it shouldn’t be long before there’s a load more here making this discounted sign-up offer even more generous.

Key Features / Navigation

Moving around the site is not an issue though they are rather heavy on advertising for other sign-up sites, and there are no linked tag words for easy filtering. You learn to ignore all that after a while, though, and there was nothing popping up or getting in the way. The menu takes you to the videos and the models, plus some more sales opportunities, and there’s no chance of you getting lost, not with the simple menu and the numbered index pages.

Members can get slightly involved with ‘add to favorites, rates and comments and there are brief descriptions and some info on the video pages. Galleries were easy to navigate and save from too, and there’s a general search box if you want to try some filtering.

A few other details for you: This was mainly bareback sex, the scenes are scripted, you should be able to do multiple downloads, and downloads happened nice and fast for me. An average zip file for photos was at 15 Mbs, logging in was easy, the models are mainly white Milfs and movies come with trailers.

As for the discount, well, the monthly option now stands at $17.87, which is down from what we’d expect for a site like this (around $24.95 or even $29.95, so it’s a bargain). If you opt for the annual deal, then you’re only paying $7.98 per month, though you do have to pay in one go. Watch out for a pre-checked cross sale on the join page. Other than that, it was plain sailing and a very satisfying members’ area to slip into.

Overall Conclusion takes scripted scenes that deal with older Milfs taking a fancy to their younger, new stepsons. Sometimes stepdaughters as there is good variety in the 60 + exclusive and HD videos. Updates are coming in regularly, the quality levels are high, there are images, streams and some details about videos, plus a whole load of adverts and upgrade opportunities to consider. It’s a solo site with no bonuses, but at today’s hot discount, it’s pretty unmissable.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive scenes
+ 1080p HD ad mobile suitable
+ Regular updates so far
+ Hot Milfs and hung younger guys
+ Good quality

– Many adverts
– Cross sale on sign-up
– No bonuses
– No linked tag words

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