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Long Business Description

Icon Male is a reasonably new site (2014 launch) and one that give you its own DVDS, their scenes, galleries and a set of videos that are not only high quality, but that also play with some hot themes. Older young is one of them, school days, camping trips, but always with a senior male in the group. Guys from 18 upwards star with some top names in the biz and the end results are incredible movies, in a site that has a lot of other neat tricks up its discounted-price sleeve.

Site Content

The cast list at Icon Male is pretty extensive and there are all kinds of guys getting in on the action. You have a fair amount of younger, 18+ smooth twink types, and others who are jocks; but these are not skinny, camp twinks as we might find on some European sites, for example; these guys are toned and fit and up for it. There are older, hairy guys with their rugged faces, such as Billy Santoro, some smoother but just as fit like Connor Maguire (both have been seen in Men.com movies) and then some supple and cute younger guys such as Kyler Ash. As I look through the cats list I see many other names I recognize and the point is that you’ve got a good mix of guys who know what they are doing and a studio that knows how to get the best out of them.

The content is arranged as full DVDs or as scenes and there were 35 full titles, when I was there, and over 120 scenes with a new update being added every few days. Movies are shown in Mp4 format as streams and as downloads. The top resolution is at 1,920 x 1,080 @ 6,000 kbps or more and then there are lower-res versions all the way down to 160p which will be suitable for your phone. Streams can also be run in the same choice and the default setting is at 540p, which should be fine for most connections. The streaming screen is large and goes full screen and the quality is good. I have no hassles and no quality worries with the content. The scenes run for around 30 minutes each and look top-class.

The titles of some of the series, the DVDS sand the themes that the guys here play with will give you a good idea of what to expect. ‘Fathers and Sons’, for example, used to be a bit taboo in the biz (as a title and as a suggestion) but here it’s played out as older guy with younger, and the younger is usually a friend of the son, so there’s nothing too naughty going on. Then there’s ‘Straight Boy Seductions’ which is also self-explanatory as a title and which takes, often, older and younger as its theme. Ditto ‘Sugar Daddies’ and then the series, ‘Forgive Me Father’ which has a Catholic heart, you might say. And so it goes on: good quietly inventive, well-made movies in HD with top names and newbies, and on some nicely spicy themes.

The movies come with galleries as well and the quality here is pretty awesome too. These are digital stills and are at 1,280 x 1,920 though they start off smaller to fit the screen. You can take solo pics if you want, they depict the action almost like screen caps (but if they are screen caps then they are HD ones) and navigation through the galleries is easy. Content is also linked together so you can check out the pics before you commit to a large download. There were 328 galleries with between 70 and 300 pics each.

You are also going to find a model index where all the hunks and their boys are shown with great portraits. There are 71 guys here, maybe more by now, and the list of star names goes on: Jaxton Wheeler, big and butch and manly, Colt Rovers, toned and smooth and Brent Corrigan in the younger-guy list, just for starters.

Key Features / Navigation

Let’s just pause a moment to consider the cost of this exclusive and well-made content. There is a discount on offer with a 33% discount on a standard monthly membership at 17.49, with longer-term deals also available and offering their own discounts. Note that the prices I saw were in euros and they may be in dollars or your own regional currency. There is a pre-checked cross sale on the sign-up page that you need to watch out for; un-check it if you don’t want to be signed up for another site automatically.

And for other extra features and functions on the site, you have the Add To Favorites function that means you can built your own stock of your best scenes, or guys. You can also rate the content and models and cast votes. Navigation is simple, the top menu is bold and stays with you so it is easy to move from DVDs to scenes, and navigation around the image sets is also simple. I found no technical issues here and the site looks good and works well.

There are no bonuses to speak of though there are member links to other sign-up deals and offer, plus links to cam and dating sites with some free content available before you have to sign up to them. You have an account area that includes a Settings function and the only thing I thought was missing was a detailed search function to let you completely hone down the content to what you want to see.

Overall Conclusion

Icon Male offers you high quality, HD and well directed movies, with galleries, on specific themes and the site does go in for the older/younger theme more than most sites. It has a great mix of buff and bod, hot bods and cute younger guys, hairy males and father figures, with excellent movies from a set of DVDs that would cost you a fortune in the stores. Here though you can take the discounted offer and find excellent value for money in a top gay site.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ Good discount offers
+ High quality and HD
+ Top names
+ Hot models
+ Easy to use
+ At least two updates per week

– No advanced search
– Cross sales on sign-up

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