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Fake Taxi
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Welcome to our comprehensive review of Fake Taxi. In this review, we will cover everything you need to know about this popular adult site.

What is Fake Taxi?

Fake Taxi is a popular adult entertainment genre that features actors portraying taxi drivers who pick up female passengers and engage in sexual activity with them. The scenarios depicted in Fake Taxi videos are usually scripted and involve the use of a fake taxi cab as a prop. The popularity of this genre is due to the unique and often taboo nature of the scenarios depicted in the videos.

History of Fake Taxi

The origins of Fake Taxi can be traced back to the early 2010s when the first videos featuring taxi drivers engaging in sexual activity with female passengers were uploaded to adult content websites. Over time, the popularity of the genre grew, and Fake Taxi became one of the most searched for adult content categories on the internet.

Why is Fake Taxi so popular?

The popularity of Fake Taxi can be attributed to a few factors. Firstly, the scenarios depicted in the videos are often taboo, which appeals to people's natural curiosity about forbidden topics. Additionally, the use of a taxi cab as a prop adds a sense of realism to the videos, making them more believable and immersive for the viewer. Finally, the videos often feature attractive actors and actresses, which is a key component of successful adult content.

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

There are a few different membership purchase prices available depending on how long you want to join for. Once you join you will probably end up buying a 12 month membership as you will love the content they put out and it is so cheap

They accept all credit/debt cards including visa, mastercard, jcb and discover. The 12 month membership is $7.49 a month and billed in one payment of $89.99. A 3 month membership is $19.99 a month billed in one payment of $59.99. A 30 day membership is $29.99 a month billed in one payment of $29.99. A 2 day membership is $1 a day and is billed at $1 each day.

Access to Deviante is $34.97 a month additionally to any of the above membership costs, so if you don’t want it make sure you click “no” when on the probiller screen. Once you have typed in your debit/credit card details you will see the fine print under that information as to how much the membership will cost. Make sure that amount is what you are willing to pay so there are no issues down the track.

What Does Membership Give You Access To?

Each membership purchase gives you access to all sites in the Fake network of sites.

Other sites in the “Fake” network include:

Fake Taxi, Public Agent, FakeHub Originals, Female Fake Taxi, Fake Agent, Fake Driving School, Fake Hospital, Female Agent, Fake Agent UK, Fake Cop and more.


FakeTaxi is a popular adult site that has captured the imaginations of millions of viewers around the world. Whether you enjoy the taboo scenarios, the immersive realism of the videos, or the attractive actors and actresses, Fake Taxi is sure to continue to be a mainstay of the adult content industry for years to come.

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