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Without a doubt, Ersties stands out as one of the leading premium amateur websites available. It showcases the most genuine European girls who enthusiastically participate in incredibly passionate shoots. In line with websites of this nature, Ersties was established and is produced exclusively by women. You can see this in the content they deliver; this is not your normal porn site.

The primary objective of Ersties is to offer a more personal and intimate experience, with ‘female pleasure in focus’. What does that mean exactly? From what we gather, it offers another type of porn, away from the conventional content you’ll find on most other sites. What is also interesting about Ersties is it’s European origin, where the majority of the girls come from Europe, specifically Germany and the UK.


They have at least 5 weekly updates, a number of playdates per week and the site boasts an impressive treasure trove of over 3500 captivating videos, available for streaming in glorious Full HD. Despite their amateur origins, these videos surprise with their remarkable visual quality. The photo sets accompanying the videos are equally impressive, boasting high-resolution imagery that can conveniently be downloaded in Zip files.

How much is a membership?

Ersties offers various price points for their premium subscription. One option is the recurring monthly membership, available at a reasonable rate of $35 per month. Another option to consider is the three-month plan, priced at $45. By opting for this plan, you'll be paying an equivalent of $15 per month.

For those who prefer a longer billing cycle, Ersties offers a six-month plan at $84, also amounting to $14 per month. This option provides a greater duration of membership for those who wish to delve deeper into their extensive archive of shoots.

Lastly, there's the annual subscription priced at $132, which breaks down to just $11 per month. This plan offers the best value for your money, allowing you to enjoy a full year of access to Ersties' website at a significantly reduced monthly cost.

Content review

Ersties has a wide variety of shoots that range from girls masturbating in their own bedrooms, girl on girl action, orgys and even higher production shoots, for example their viral Tinder in Real Life shoot. The Real-Life Tinder shoot presents an enjoyable, recognizable, and highly entertaining experience. The solo shoots feel especially authentic, in a way that girls masturbating in their own bedrooms can only be.

One thing that also sets Ersties’ content apart is their interviews and behind the scenes content which creates a real connection to these European beauties as they share everything about their turn ons, sexuality, fetishes and more.

In addition to that, Ersties is able to offer is ‘playdates’ where you’re able to enjoy your favorite Ersties girl in a live online cam show. You can buy coins and influence the action as you wish. Missed your favorite model’s playdate? They also record some of them so you can watch back at your own convenience.

Discover Ersties, the ultimate destination for those seeking authentic, refined content crafted by European females. Immerse yourself in a world of all-natural and tasteful creations that are constantly evolving, ensuring an ever-growing collection that will captivate you.

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