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Daughter Swap

Daughter Swap
Long Business Description

If you’ve got a buddy who’s got a hot daughter and if you’ve got one yourself, what’s a guy to do? Over at Daughter Swap they know what to do – simply swap the girls around and away you go (no one is really related). These set-up fantasies take just that theme in a new site with exclusive HD movies and galleries, streams and downloads. It’s an unusual theme and it’s played out in 20 + movies. There’s a discount deal being run at the moment so now’s a great time to grab a low-cost membership.

Site Content

There are a lot of step-sex sites around at the moment, it’s like a new niche that opened up a couple of years ago – though some well-established sites have run stories on a similar theme for years – and it’s taking over. Daughter Swap is along the same lines but the fantasy here is that two buddy dads have a gorgeous babe each and they decided to swap them around, not for any paternal reasons, mainly just for their own pleasure. If that sound a bit close to the knuckle to you then you probably won’t approve, but there’s no need to worry as these girls and guys are not actually related. Sorry to spoil the fun, but that’s the truth. However, the fantasies are well played out in well-made story scenes that contain plenty of action.

The girls are 20-something babes and all of them are good looking. There are white and black girls in the mix here, with good figures and hot bods and they look good enough to eat. The guys are older, of course, and studly and make for great partners in some very well made hardcore movies.

The site started up in March 2016 when the first video is dated from and now, five months later, it has 20 videos. Updates don’t look to be always regular, sometimes there are gaps in weeks before a new scene is added. Some of the 20 scenes are parts of scenes, or continuations of 15 minutes, so there are not actually 20 stories, but where there is a complete episode, the runtimes are around 25 minutes. The movies are from Team Skeet, so you know you’re going to get good quality and I have to say they look fine.

You have a choice of three downloads, with 1,920 x 1,080 @ 8,000 + kbps being the top HD version of each one. There are then two smaller versions, one of which will be fine for your mobile phones; these are all Mp4 files. There is one stream option as well at 960 x 540 which can go full screen, though make sure you have a strong connection on which to run it. The movies look good, the image is sharp and the scenes are well porn-acted, and come with good sound. They also have trailers to run if you want to check them out before downloading.

Galleries are included and you have screen caps and digital stills with plenty of pics per set, around 220 on average at 1,024 x 768. I wasn’t able to download the solo digital pics, though I could take solo screen caps, but there are zip files for full sets and browsing on line is possible and easy.

It’s actually pretty basic at Daughter Swap and you are paying for only 20 scenes, with more no doubt coming along at some point. There are no bonuses here and no other content to view; it’s a new site and a small one, but keep an eye on it as it gets in pretty close to that knuckle with its story-line step and swap movies and galleries.

Key Features / Navigation

Because it’s new and still growing you have the discount offers on memberships and these are at fair prices. For the time being you can access the site for one month at $17.87, a recurring membership which stays at that amount as long as you stay a member. You can also opt for the annual sign-up deal which works out at $7.98 per month, though you pay for 12 months all in one installment, at $95.87. That’s also a good discount price and as the site has uploaded 20 scenes in five months I’m hoping there will be another 20 by the end of the year, increasing the value of either membership.

It’s a shame there are no bonuses here. What there are a lot of are adverts and even adverts for the main network by whom the movies are made; you’d have thought that they would have given you access to at least one other of their many sites. But there are links to special deals and other sign-up options. These might interest you and you’ll find them on the way in, and across the top of your pages, and in a page called Specials.

There are the basic interactive elements for members; you can add things to a favorites area and you are able to rate or rather, ‘thumbs-up’ the content that you see. Movies come with a written description but that’s about it for extra functions. There are links to support and navigation is easy as it’s only a one-page member’ area at the moment. Simple but to the point.

Overall Conclusion

Daughter Swap gets close to the taboo line with its fantasy scenes, but it does it in high definition exclusive videos and there are 20 of them. They are well made and good quality and very easy to find and stream, or download. Updates happen but not always regularly, there are no extras or bonuses but there’s a good discount price on offer for the monthly membership and a better discount offered for the annual one. It’s worth a look but you will need to stay with it and wait for more scenes.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ Discount price
+ HD
+ Downloadable
+ Nice models
+ Daring theme

– Cross sale on join page
– Adverts in members’ area
– Small site
– Irregular updates
– No extras

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