OnlyFans Tips and Tricks By Fit Sid

OnlyFans Tips and Tricks By Fit Sid

OnlyFans is much more user friendly than patreon and you are able to interact with your subscribers and viewers a lot easier.

How to Price Your OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a one price per membership and it’s paid monthly. The minimum price you can charge is $4.95 a month, but many charge much more. When thinking about the pricing for yours you must gear it towards your audience so make it affordable for them. You have to figure out what you want to post and when. This can be things like fitness or adult stuff.

Use Watermarking on Your Content

OnlyFans allows you to watermark your content and write whatever you want. It’s recommended you use your stage name, or even your onlyfans URL link. Another good strategy is to buy your own domain name for example and hook it up to your OnlyFans so when someone goes to the URL they are re-directed to your OnlyFans page. When doing this don’t forget to use our referral link. One of the best places to buy a domain is from Mojo with prices starting from as low as $1 and they are the leaders in the adult industry. Don’t risk losing your domain with a non-adult business. This will help you promote your own brand and not just OnlyFans.

Fit Sid charges $35 a month and posts daily and often 8 minute long videos and also with other people in them. Some other people will charge less for certain things but just price it accordingly. Make it a price that you feel motivated in posting content though.

Link Your Twitter Account

One key to promoting is to go into settings and connect your Twitter account. This means that every time you post it will automatically post on Twitter saying new post and give a link to your OnlyFans account. You should do some posting on Twitter outside of the automatic posts too. These should include a great image from your OnlyFans post and also some catchy text, for example “check out this amazing squirt film I just made”.

You should also create a tip menu and pin it to the top of your OnlyFans feed. This will let people know what you charge for certain things, for example what your tip is for reply messaging, or for custom videos etc. A customer can tip through each of your posts and also through direct messaging. OnlyFans also has an option for mass messaging. This enables you to not post a video on your feed and just send it out to all your current subscribers. That way it’s not on your feed for anyone to sign up and see at a later date. This makes it way more personalized. You can also saw something like you are thinking about them or you have this awesome video you would love for them to watch etc.

Another tip is scheduling posts. You might have to go away and can’t easily access your computer so you can just schedule posts for say a week. That way you don’t have to be in front of the screen everyday but your subs feel like you are.

When posting you can also select an option that makes a post only visible for a certain amount of time. It’s probably just better to use private messaging for this expired equivalent style posting. You can also do a poll on there. That way you can for example ask what type of content people want to see, and make your content based on that feedback. Another option is you can go live on there. While you are live people can comment, heart it and even tip. It also posts to your wall afterwards so if anyone misses it being live they can watch it when they get a chance.

How to Get Paid on OnlyFans

We recommend you either link your bank account or another great option is to join Paxum for free. This is basically a bank account and you can set your currency for example USD, EUR etc. You can get paid into it and then you can spend the money online at places that accept paxum or you can apply to get a card for your account. This card is basically then a debit card that is linked to your account and you can used it everywhere you wish.

You should compress your files (pictures and video) using a program like HandBrake before posting. This will make things a lot faster for you.

You can follow Fit Sid on OnlyFans here.

If you are considering signing up for OnlyFans or what some more fans on there then check out this article on Find Cam Girl about how to get paid for posting adult content online.

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