Welcome to the newest premium social media fan subscription website. They welcome all creators, influencers, artists and public figures. From our review of the platform it works very similar to others in the industry like OnlyFans. You can live stream, sell digital content, take calls and receive gifts and tips from fans.

One great thing about LoyalFans is that you can sell individual clips to non-subscribers like sites like ManyVids and Clips4Sale and unlike OnlyFans. It is also enjoyable to watch the video previews as some of you will be able to get a load off by just watching those and not paying for the whole video :)

Similar to crypto, OnlyFans is like the bitcoin of platforms but LoyalFans is the Ethereum.

LoyalFans Affiliate Program

LoyalFans has an affiliate program too that pays 5% lifetime for all spending on the platform. It works like many others where 80% of the income goes to the content producers, 5% to the affiliates and the 15% balance to LoyalFans to run the platform. Don't think the 15% is a lot of money as there are many costs for them to run the platform like the huge server and bandwidth costs alone.

One amazing thing about the affiliate program is that if you link out to your page on LoyalFans for example loyalfans.com/nichepornsites then when someone joins after landing on your page you get credited 5% of the lifetime spend of that fan and/or 5% earnings of that creator for life. This is great if you are popular and people just link to your page. You don't even need to use an affiliate code for it too.

Imagine how much extra money all the people who link to their OnlyFans in their bio's would earn if they just joined and used LoyalFans instead!!! This is one of the reasons so many are saying good bye to OnlyFans and hello to LoyalFans :)

LoyalFans Payment Methods

The minimum payout threshold is $50 and you can select between receiving payment fortnightly or monthly. They pay a few different ways being ACH/direct deposit ($50 min payout), wire transfer ($150 min), SEPA ($100 min) or Paxum ($50 min). We personally love to use Paxum.

How Do You Get Subscribers To Your LoyalFans?

The main difference between OnlyFans vs LoyalFans is that when you use OnlyFans you to drive traffic yourself to your page either by social medial (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc) or using sites like Find Cam Girl with LoyalFans you can look at the creators page. This gives you a huge number of options for people to check out their profile pages. You can sort the creators page by shout outs, recently updated, popular, live, call, new and video store.

What Is The Video Store?

When you visit the video store you have a few sorting options. You can sort by things like trending, recommended for example. You can filter by price for example under $100, $10 to $25, $25 to $50, $50 to $100 or $1,000+. You can also sort by video length for example under 5 min, 5 to 10 min, 10 to 15 min, 15 to 30 min or 30+ min. The free video previews are great too as you can get a good idea of what your favorite model can do.

Cool Tools & Features

Content Scheduler: The ability to schedule group messages and mass messages. Keep all scheduled content organized and in one place. An intuitive, easy-to-use calendar.

Automated Messaging: Greet new fans, say thank you for a tip or purchase, make an upsell, and so much more via automated messages!

Media Cloud Aggregation: Now, when you post media to your timeline (photos, videos, GIFs, or audio), videos to your video store, or send media as a mass message or DM, that file will be collected to your Media Cloud – for storage, future use, or whatever! Complete with smart storage/collection to avoid duplicates and help stay organized.

Message Tip Notification: You can now activate direct messages for tips received outside of your DMs, as well as opt to show the GROSS tip amount in messages (as well as the NET amount). You can also choose to *disable* New Message popup notifications.

No Need For A Separate Free Page

You will see many models on sites like OnlyFans that have one paid OnlyFans page then a whole new account for their free OnlyFans page. We see this as a total waste of time and energy to maintain so at LoyalFans each post has an option that you can select if you want the post to be a paid or free post.

To best use this feature you can make a video or image content which you set a price on then just make a few small clips or pics as teasers that are free. Then just say for example, "see what I look like without this bikini on in my video above".

Pornstars On LoyalFans

There is a huge number of pornstars now either using LoyalFans as a backup to OnlyFans or even fully moving over to the LoyalFans platform and leaving OnlyFans. Many were sick to death with how OnlyFans has stressed and treated models in recent times.

Have You Been Banned From OnlyFans?

We have started hearing of a few creators getting banned from OnlyFans for random reasons. So if you are wondering what to do when you have been banned from OnlyFans? Well LoyalFans is here for you. Their platform will take your content selling career to new heights :)

Using Facebook Groups To Promote Your LoyalFans

A very creative way to promote your LoyalFans, assuming you are already open to posting about your LF career on Facebook, is that you can join some Facebook groups and post in there. Join groups like mums pages and community awareness page.

Make posts that ask questions in a way like, Do I have to declare the $12k a month I receive from LoyalFans? For example. A small minority of people will be intrigued by your post and possibly even get a little horny from it. They will click on your profile and try to locate a link or address of your LoyalFans. Make sure this can be found by them and you might just have yourself a few new subs :) 

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