Hubtraffic Stops Buying Traffic

Hubtraffic Stops Buying Traffic

This is huge and will kill off a lot of aggregator porn tube sites online. Those sites basically pulled videos from the major sites and used their site to send the traffic back to the major tube sites. They got paid for doing this and that became their business. That business has now ceased for many of them.

Even sites built with wordpress tube plugins like WP Script will have to mix up their business strategy slightly if they are relying on the money from the big tubes. Sites like Niche Porn Sites even sent a lot of traffic the major tubes from articles in their blog posts. These will now generate no income. Not an issue in the slightest for sites like ours as the majority of our income comes from many other sources including affiliate programs for cams, paysites and dating.

So what happened with Hubtraffic? As of December 19th, 2020 they stopped buying traffic to their tubes including Pornhub, Youporn, Redtube, Tube8, and Xtube.

This seems to tie in with Visa and Mastercard both cutting ties with Pornhub as a payment processor for it. Both those processors hit back when evidence was shown the Pornhub didn’t remove illegal content, or didn’t remove it in a timely manner. This banned content included rape and underage videos. If you google about it there are countless articles about people being affected by Pornhub’s policy on removing content. To counter this Pornhub decided to remove all videos uploaded to their tube from non-verified accounts. This was a massive move as their total videos dropped from 10 million videos down to 2 million videos. Some of their best content was removed 🙁 Such a shame and this will no doubt cause many to move over to other free tube sites for their daily wank.

Currently Xhamster still has their partner program so many of the aggregator sites will drive a lot of their traffic to Xhamster instead or even solely.

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