How To Setup & Dominate Reddit

How To Setup & Dominate Reddit

You may have heard that Reddit is amazing for adult traffic? It is our number 1 free porn site for a reason. But you are probably wondering how you get started on Reddit? We have put together this quick guide to get you started on your Reddit journey and start your promotion off with a bang.

1. First of all you will need an account so go to and click signup.

2. Next you should go to some subreddit accounts that interest you. An example of a subreddit is Basically it is the part after /r/. You can also find these by going to Google and typing in something like Aussie Hot Girls Reddit. This will lead you to some subs. Click join if you like and you can post some comments on various posts etc to show some engagement.

3. In time you will build some Reddit Karma. You can then set up your own Reddit sub. To do this go to and then add the name of your sub to the end of that URL. For example If the link you go to isn’t already a created subreddit then it will ask you to ‘create community’. Just click that to get started.

how to create a reddit community

4. Go through some of the various settings to set up your account and add some links to your various things you want to promote. For example, links to your OnlyFans, social media like Twitter and whatever else. Do this by going to mod tools. Then scroll down to community appearance, then click menu links or sidebar widgets. Create links for both of those.

5. Start adding posts to that subreddit you made. You can also share the sub on your social media to get more people to join it. In time it will grow and others might even post on it too. You just have to decide if you keep those posts or if they are just spam and you should remove them. It’s all up to you.

6. We have made a list of the top 100 NSFW porn Reddit pages but we also recommend you finding some more niche lesser popular pages. For example google for Hot Aussie Girls in XXX, and XXX being your city or state. Posts in these kinds of subs will provide you with a more loyal fanbase due to the fans perceived reality of you being the girl next door.

7. Another great way to find sub Reddits to post in is to use It’s a search engine for Reddit. Just enter a search term for example milf or pick some filter tags then please enter and you will see a huge list of subreddits that you can see details like total members and number of posts per day that sub gets. Then just click on the sub, go to it, read the subs rules then craft a post for that page. Titles of your posts are very important too. Always see what titles are doing the best throughout Reddit and borrow them or use them for inspirational ideas.

8.. If you require any help setting up or running a Reddit account or page just let us know. We won’t charge and are always happy to help 🙂

Good luck on your journey into Reddit domination.

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