How To Get Do Follow Adult Backlinks

How To Get Do Follow Adult Backlinks

Looking For Strong and Free Backlinks?

A few backlinks to your adult website or review can really help you boost your websites traffic. The links will increase your page rank and from there your keywords will rank higher and make your website show higher in search engines like google and bing. Due to that you will get much more search traffic.

So you ask, how do you get these powerful backlinks?

Some websites will charge you hundreds or thousands of dollars for just one backlink from their website, but there is a much better and free way.


Motherless is a very popular and high ranking adult porn tube website that allows you to make a free profile. When setting up your profile you can enter many details including gender, sexuality, favorite porn niche, location, a website URL link and a description about you.

In the website URL link section all you need to do is enter your website you are looking to boost page rank for. Make sure your profile and the about you section features a few words and includes your main keywords you are targeting.

Next, to make sure you get some traffic through your link you can upload a few pictures and videos to your profile. Where do you get these p0rn pictures and videos from? Any free p0rn site. Just make sure they don’t have watermarks on them. Save them and re-upload them on your Motherless profile.

Using OnlyFans For High Power Backlinks

You may have heard of OnlyFans? Well it’s a content sharing site and runs similar to Twitter only the difference being a content producer can charge subscribers to be able to follow their content.

How does the site benefit you? Well if you are looking for a backlink just make a profile on the site. From there under edit profile you will see an area for website link, you can place your link their but it will be a no-follow link. But if you place the link in the “bio” words section you will find that the link is do-follow 🙂

Another free way that porn sites can get a do-follow backlink is from a listing on Niche Porn Sites or a blog post on our blog. For blog posts please contact us to discus.

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