Female Fake Taxi

Female Fake Taxi

In this era equality matters and female equality is something many strive for. Female Fake Taxi does just this by showing not just men can drive taxi cabs. This site is a great switcheroo of the famous Fake Taxi where "John" picks up girls in his cab and "drives" them to their chosen locations. In Female Fake Taxi the female model picks up men and women and drives them to their chosen locations. Sometimes stopping along the way for you know what :) The memes for this site go viral and just watching the dialog is truly entertaining. After the usual taxi cab greetings of "hello" and "how has your day been" along comes the witty one liners like "What a great taxi, I have never been in this kind of taxi", "What kind of taxi is this? It's a special taxi" and so many more. The videos all have subtitles which are great so you can watch them and not have your girlfriend or wife know what you are doing but you can still get some of the great comical value out of their vids.

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

There are a few different membership purchase prices available depending on how long you want to join for. Once you join you will probably end up buying a 12 month membership as you will love the content they put out and it is so cheap  They accept all credit/debt cards including visa, mastercard, jcb and discover. The 12 month membership is $7.49 a month and billed in one payment of $89.99. A 3 month membership is $19.99 a month billed in one payment of $59.99. A 30 day membership is $29.99 a month billed in one payment of $29.99. A 2 day membership is $1 a day and is billed at $1 each day. Access to Deviante is $34.97 a month additionally to any of the above membership costs, so if you don’t want it make sure you click “no” when on the probiller screen. Once you have typed in your debit/credit card details you will see the fine print under that information as to how much the membership will cost. Make sure that amount is what you are willing to pay so there are no issues down the track.

What Does Membership Give You Access To?

Each membership purchase gives you access to all sites in the Fake network of sites. Other sites in the “Fake” network include: Fake Taxi Public Agent FakeHub Originals Female Fake Taxi Fake Agent Fake Driving School Fake Hospital Female Agent Fake Agent UK Fake Cop
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