Digital Playground – Sweethearts

Digital Playground - Sweethearts

Two married couples (Aubree Valentine, Alex Jones, Anna Claire Clouds and Zac Wild) set off for a campsite to relive their high school memories with a quaint reunion. They aim for a weekend of light-hearted fun, diving into nostalgia. But the atmosphere takes a sharp turn with the unexpected arrival of the unpredictable duo, Frank and Marcy (played by Lily Lou and Small Hands).

What was intended to be a peaceful getaway swiftly spirals into chaos. Secrets of past and present betrayals surface, revealing unresolved tensions and sparking a quest for retribution among the group. As the evening unfolds into a whirlwind of indiscretions, the situation grows even more complex when members of the party begin to vanish. With the mood now fraught with suspicion, the remaining friends are thrust into a desperate search for their missing companions, navigating a maze of accusations and fear.

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