An Interview With OnlyFans Creator Brianna Frost

An Interview With OnlyFans Creator Brianna Frost

We sat down with the lovely brunette Brianna Frost for a chat about being an OnlyFans creator and pornstar. Here’s what she had to say.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m Brianna but you can call me Bri. I’m 36 years young and have been webcamming since i was 18 and in college. I’m a sucker for nudity, being confident of your sexuality and showing off physical beauty. We all age and our tits will be down to our knees at some point so WHY hold that beauty back now? I’m also very passionate about animals, psychology, making beautiful organic products for both men and women and interior design

How did you get into the industry?

I was attending penn state for business management and NEEDED money so bad lol. Books are about $500 a semester and i didn’t feel comfortable with my dorm roomate. I was 18 my senior year in highschool so I was familiar with stripping but had so much anxiety about being around people in public. I decided to try webcamming and within the first month I was able to rent my own small apartment, buy my first brand new car and save for college.It was all about money at first and then I really got invested in the industry and became fascinated with using your organic sexuality to market yourself.

An Interview With OnlyFans Creator Brianna Frost

Why did you get into the industry?

To sustain life LOL I must say though getting older I don’t make as much money as I once did. There are such beautiful, YOUNG, vibrant, naive women introduced to the industry everyday that are great to market. I have found other interests now (my organic product business) but I will ALWAYS be a supporter and lover or porn, webcamming and adult content. I think it’s normal, healthy, sexy and risque

Who have you worked with?

Me, myself and I! lol I have always been in monogamous relationships so my partner and I would do videos together if they were comfortable. In terms of other content creators I have not worked with anyone but its always been in my mind before I retire to do a video with another sexy woman. In my dreams I’d love to work with Sky Bri, Kendra Lust and Johnny Sins– only fantasizing though! lol Again I have always been monogamous and Ive had a partner for 7 years now who I do content with.

An Interview With OnlyFans Creator Brianna Frost

Who have you worked for?

I worked with a big business called cam with her in college. I branched out to create my own website because back in the day I was very popular. I was able to market myself on MTV, Howard Stern and the WMMR Philly radio station which helped people get familiar with me. Believe it or not I’ve never been shy about taking my clothes off but shy about public speaking lol. I GENUINELY think I’d feel uncomfortable sexually being intimate with someone else BUT always fantasizing about it LOL.

An Interview With OnlyFans Creator Brianna Frost

What’s the best thing about working in the industry?

The financial stability.

Own hours you can make.

Marketing online.

Using online to advertise yourself. 

Being safe and comfortable in your own home.

An Interview With OnlyFans Creator Brianna Frost

Advice for newcomers?

Do a pro and cons list before getting involved in the business. It’s GREAT money BUT you must think about your future; family kids, etc. There’s a horrible stigma in the porn industry so you really have to have a plan and know what your future will entail so you incorporate that all together and not be a stigma yourself. I would say your mental health should be very strong and know YOUR worth no matter what you are doing. You should enjoy sex, know what you are getting yourself into and SAVE your money to be financially stable in your future.

An Interview With OnlyFans Creator Brianna Frost

Do you watch porn?

All the time LOL.

My go to is lesbian porn. I am strictly dickly BUT i do love fantasizing about being dominated in an all lesbian orgy. Something about a woman going down on another woman is SO intimate. 

What’s your favorite niche porn?

Lesbian porn LOL Either a 3 some or orgy.

An Interview With OnlyFans Creator Brianna Frost

Where can people find you online?

I would say the BEST social app to find other content creators is Twitter, now called X.

It’s the only app that allows adult content to be advertised. I call it the porn and political app now LOL. 

I have met some AMAZING women and men via online and we have a mutual friendship and support each others content just by marketing each other.

You can find my OnlyFans @ briannafrost

An Interview With OnlyFans Creator Brianna Frost

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