There are a few major players when it comes to traffic buying and selling and Plugrush is one of the top names.
If you are looking for a way to monetize a website or get traffic to your site then Plugrush can help.
Their rates are very good and their platform is very easy to navigate.

You can get great targeting when buying traffic. There are country selections so you can for example only choose tier 1 countries, or even be specific and choose a random country like Algeria or whatever one you wish to pick.
You can pick orientations of straight, gay and shemale/tranny.
You can pick operating system and also browsers. So you can choose mobile only or desktop only. You can pick chrome only for example.
Buying traffic is often done best by approaching webmasters directly and purchasing from them, but this is a lot more effort so Plugrush is a very straightfoward alternative.

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