Website Name: Crakrevenue
Long Business Description:

Crakrevenue is basically a one stop shop when looking for an affiliate program. This program is fantastic just like smoking crack.

There are more than 1,000 different offers in on their affiliate dashboard. There is almost every vertical you can think of including, adult gaming, adult paysite, apps, background check, beauty, cam, crypto, dating, entertainment, gambling, male enhancement, nutrition, survey, sweepstakes and video on demand.

If you can’t find a great offer here then you might as well give up now as an affiliate. To make money it is as easy as joining crak then just going to one of the offers and highlighting the offer URL and sending traffic to it.

When the traffic completes the necessary task you get paid. This could be anything from a free join offer, to a credit card sign up to lifetime spend for sites like cams.

Driving traffic is very easy and can be done through SEO by ranking a website or even more easily by social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc). Just make a profile that will get people interested to look at it then from there just send them to your offer URL. If you can’t make money doing this then you should get a job at McDonald’s.

The actual program pays 5% for life for any referred affiliates too.

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